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Cool Chips Press Release Dated 28 Oct 2002



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October 28, 2002
Cool Chips plc

A new cooling technology could allow the use of more powerful microprocessors in desktop and laptop computers.   Cool Chips plc (COLCF) is developing a solid-state cooling technology which is designed to solve thermal management problems for future generations of microprocessors, significantly improving performance and allowing for the use of more powerful processors in confined spaces.

This application of Cool Chips™ for the microprocessor industry is described in a paper, “Cool Chips for Processors”, to be presented by Dr. Brian Von Herzen 1:45 PM on Tuesday, October 29th at the Fall 2002 Forum for the Application and Commercialization of Next-Generation Thermal Management Materials and Systems for Cooling and Power Conversion at Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.   The forum, which highlights the most recent technology achievements in thermal management materials and systems, and addresses the applications that can drive their commercialization and the technical and business challenges that remain, is sponsored by the Research Triangle Institute of North Carolina.   The conference URL is   Dr. Brian Von Herzen will be addressing the benefits of the Cool Chips technology for the semiconductor, PC, server, and broad information technology industries.

Cool Chips are compact electronic devices similar in appearance to computer chips.   When an electric current is applied, one side of the chip becomes cold and the other side hot as electrons pass across an vacuum gap separating the two sides.   The process, in which hot electrons “tunnel” through a one-way thermal trap door, is projected to be much more efficient than conventional refrigeration methods and existing solid-state heat pumps.   Using this effect, considerable heat could be actively pumped away from processor chips despite their small surface area.

In addition to surveying possible applications in electronics, Cool Chips plc will be releasing an update on the progress of development work.   Two nanotechnology milestones were reached recently:   the fabrication of large conformal pairs of electrodes, and electrodes with excellent local smoothness.

“What this means is that, after over 5 years of development, we are on the verge of producing high output Cool Chips.   The last stage is the integration of a specific thin film layer,” said Cool Chips plc president Isaiah Cox.   “We can then begin deliveries of prototype devices to customers.”

According to the company, progress so far has been good.   Specific data will be shown at the RTI show demonstrating the local smoothness of the electrode surfaces, as well as showing, for the first time in public, the latest product of the lab, a sample Cool Chip with a 1cm active area.

Heat management problems are critical in many industries, and Cool Chips plc is seeking to sell licenses for this technology for a wide range of industrial applications.   Cool Chips plc is currently in talks with representative companies in the aerospace, automotive, computer, telephony and white goods sectors.

Extensive information about Cool Chips may be found on the Cool Chips plc web site at including a calculator to determine the efficiency of the technology for any given temperature range.

Cool Chips are protected by an extensive portfolio of fourteen issued patents, with more applications pending.   These include broad patent coverage under which all cooling techniques using the passage of electrons across a vacuum gap are covered.

Cool Chips plc has 7,369,840 shares outstanding.

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