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Cool Chips Press Release Dated 28 July 2004

Cool Chips plc Tells Governments: "Fund Nanotech by Buying Product"


That's the message Cool Chips plc Chairman Dr. Rodney T. Cox has tomorrow for Government agencies anxious to encourage the growth of the nanotechnology sector.

Speaking at the Micro-Nano Breakthrough Conference 2004 in Portland, Oregon, on Thursday 29th July, Dr. Cox outlines the steps Cool Chips plc (COLCF) has taken towards bringing its proprietary solid state heat management technology Cool Chips(tm) to market.

"Do not get suckered into taking government money, unless you want to be a low-margin government contractor for the rest of your life, just living from contract to contract" says Dr. Cox. "The Government rules say that if they give you money, they get a free license on your invention for any public or defence projects. In nanotechnology the initial big-ticket orders are generally going to be from the Government."

Dr. Cox cites the example of Cool Chips plc which is developing solid-state cooling using quantum thermo-tunneling to pump heat across a nanoscale gap.

The technology, in its final phase of development, answers the needs of many Government programs in civilian and defence applications, where quick, efficient, powerful cooling needs to be applied to electronic components such as microprocessors.

"This will be a major new technology for the 21st Century. We are now confident enough to be taking orders for production prototype Cool Chips with delivery on a best efforts basis" says Dr. Cox.

Power Chips plc, the sister company to Cool Chips plc, reverses the process, generating electricity from heat. It is particularly suited to converting waste heat into useful electrical power, and has applications in vehicles, aerospace, space exploration, defence and many other areas of Government interest, as well as industrial scale applications for power generation.

Cool Chips plc (COLCF) and Power Chips plc (PWCHF) are developing proprietary quantum mechanical tunnelling technologies for cooling and power generation applications. Cool Chips and Power Chips are projected to produce cooling and electric power, respectively, more efficiently and less expensively than existing or emerging technologies. Cool Chips plc has approximately 8,176,000 shares outstanding and Power Chips plc has approximately 8,020,000 shares outstanding.

Borealis is a technology development company founded in 1968 and based in Gibraltar in the European Union. Borealis has 5,000,000 shares outstanding.

Borealis' business is reinventing the core technologies used by basic industries, including electric motors, steelmaking, electrical power generation, and cooling and refrigeration. For more information and forward looking statements please visit its web site at

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