Each of the niches named above has present sales -- for cooling and thermal management -- in excess of $1 billion yearly.

Borealis is contractually committed to exclusively licensing a given market niche to only one company, so that company retains worldwide exclusive rights to apply Cool Chips™ to their market. The company would have the right to sub-license the technology in turn.

In turn, that company will be supplied by a manufacturer. Since Cool Chips are designed to be compatible with existing semiconductor processes, the manufacturer is likely to be a major semiconductor company.

The manufacturer ships Cool Chips (either packaged or unpackaged) to the licensee for a given niche. That licensee then completes the packaging and integration necessary to fold the Cool Chip component into the product, which is then sold into the marketplace.

In this way, every company is involved by doing what they already do best -- the manufacturer manufactures chips. The licensees assemble and sell product from delivered components.

At the same time, each licensee has an exclusive niche, and cannot, by definition, compete with any of the other companies in the Club. That means that sharing information within the Club presents no competitive disadvantage.

Borealis' role in the process is as a facilitator, to ensure that information flow remains for all the niches, and that intellectual property is shared between all the licensees, so that each can benefit from the pooled research efforts of the entire Club.